We'd love to see you, and your bike, come in Fancy Dress and lit up. We want Exeter to come alive with our monstrous smiles, ghoulish costumes, and glowing bikes!

Spooky Spokes Halloween Ride an Picnic

Details TBC

Share the event and invite your friends and colleagues to show that we want, and need, streets that work for children, women, and families - #StreetsForPeople. That we all have different needs and must be listened to.

We'll announce the route as soon as we have it finalized

The ride is a a family-friendly event to celebrate cycling and show that we want to cycle and we need safe spaces to do so.

If we provide safe spaces for children then our streets work for all of us as safe, healthy, nice places to be.

We welcome, of all ages and abilities, and including children on their own bikes.

Arrive before 11am to collect your sticker booklet. And collect a sticker at every Kidical Mass ride and when your card is full you'll get a prize!!

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